Press Room

Summer 2019 Press Releases

Summer Exhibition Opening Reception

Book Signing with Lydia Fenet

Play Day: Sketch, Scribble, Doodle!


Spring 2019 Press Releases

Bienvenu Lecture with Dr. Janice Simon

Spring Exhibition Opening Reception

Spring Programs

Play Day: Neon Nights

Raise Our Voices Community Spoken Word Workshops


Fall 2018 Press Releases

Fall Exhibition Opening Reception

Fall Programs

Bienvenu Lecture with Bonnie Pitman

Play Day: Art and Architecture

Summer 2018 Press Releases

Experience the Arts with your Library Card   

Summer Exhibition Opening Reception

Hays Town Home Tours - Lafayette         

Play Day: Beat the Heat

Spring 2018 Press Releases

Play Day: Happy Birthday New Orleans!

Spring Exhibition Opening Reception

Spring Programs

Fall 2017 Press Releases

A Weekend of Poetry with Jack Bedell, Poet Laureate

Play Day & Lin Emery - October 7

Fall Exhibition Opening Reception

Fall Programs


Summer 2017 Press Releases

Play Day: The Art of Recycling

Summer Exhibition Opening Reception

Summer Staycation & Programs

Spring 2017 Press Releases

Spring Exhibition Opening Reception

Spring 2017 Program Calendar

Play Day: Spring Celebration

Bienvenu Lecture with Paul Hayes Tucker

Fall 2016 Press Releases

Play Day: Portraiture

Fall Exhibition Opening Reception

Film Screening and Q&A with director Robert Adanto

Fall 2016 Programs Session

Summer 2016 Press Releases

Hilliard 2016 Summer Exhibitions

Creole World Exhibition

Kate Clark: Mysterious Places Exhibition


Spring 2016 Press Releases

Hilliard 2016 Spring Exhibitions

Second Annual Bienvenu Lecture

Conservation Exhibition Opens

Wendy Rodrigue Book Signing


In the News:

Film shows hurricane's aftermath through artists' eyes

Festival poster, line-up unveiling Friday

Hilliard Art Museum celebrates portraiture

Head games over the head wrap explored

Fall opening at Hilliard; Festival Acadiens in mix

Photo exhibit goes beyond dancehalls


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