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Our Museum is a bridge. Our Museum is a catalyst. Our Museum is for everyone. We connect art and education, our university and our community, generations and cultures.

The Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum is not just a place to look at art. It’s a place where visitors are encouraged to truly see art.

It is place of learning, where students sketch in the galleries and artists talk about their work. It’s a destination for families, where kids express their own creativity through hands-on activities. And it’s a resource for academic research and observation.

Why do we maintain an art museum?

We believe that art is a catalyst for social change. Museum experiences build skills that extend into every aspect of life. Viewing art promotes dialogue and understanding between individuals, among families, and throughout our community.

Art makes life richer. And better. For everyone.


Mission Statement

The Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum's mission is both to serve the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and to enrich the lives of Louisiana residents by fostering an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts.

The Museum seeks to achieve these goals through collection development and by organizing and presenting major exhibitions and related programming showcasing art works from all historic periods and all corners of the globe. Such varied programming will be designed to meet the educational and cultural needs of Louisiana's highly diverse population.


Vision Statement

Bridging University and Community, Art and Education, Generations and Cultures

The fundamental elements of the University Art Museum's vision include:

A belief that exhibitions and critical analysis are important

A belief that gallery education, publications and interpretive programming provide individuals unique opportunities for self-expression and personal growth

A belief that the gallery experience produces benefits and skills which transcend the museum experience and extend into all aspects of an individual's life.

A belief that these benefits and skills are available to all people, regardless of age, ability or background

A belief that objects of art and the experience of viewing art promotes dialogue and understanding between individuals, families, communities and society as a whole

A belief that well designed and varied art exhibitions and interpretive programming can be an engine for social change

The Permanent Collection

The museum's collection consists of 18th through 21st century European, Asian and American art works. Selections from the permanent collection are on view on a rotating basis. In addition to the permanent collection, the 11,000 square feet of gallery space features changing exhibitions of regional, national and international art. Learn more about the permanent collection.


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