TRUTH AND IDENTITY: Questions for the Self in Works by Gary Chapman

Jan 17, 2015 — May 16, 2015

Truth and Identity: Questions for the Self in works by Gary Chapman illustrates his search for identity through paintings and assembled progressions that view the world through the lenses of popular culture, identity politics, and religious and social environments. The artist juxtaposes and layers images and objects which suggest moments in time, both past and futre, psychological and intellectual, natural and invented. These questions about identity stem from Chapman's own concersn abbout his place in the world as a husband, a father, an artist, a man, a citizen and so on. His search echoes that of nearly every indivdiaula who lives in a world filtered through social media and popular media, as well as cultural, religious, and political beliefs that tend to define individuals from the outside perspective rather than from an internal knowledge of true identity. These are the questions that inform Chapman's art and hopefully resonate with his viewers, who are seeking their own forms of truth.

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