Guns in the Hands of Artists

March 28, 20186—8pm

Join New Orleans based gallery owner Jonathan Ferrara for a discussion of his acclaimed, community-based, social activist project inspired by gun violence. The talk will be followed by a book signing.

In the mid 1990’s, New Orleans’ murder rate exploded reaching 350, the highest in the nation and the city’s history. In response to this crisis, artist Brian Borrello conceived of the first Guns In The Hands of Artists exhibition to create a conversation about guns in our society by bringing the discussion into the realm of art; without the often partisan and polarized politics that surround the issue.

Art as the language for dialogue, art as a means for discussion, and art as a possible means for change.

Decommissioned guns taken off the streets were disseminated to artists to use as the raw materials in their art. Painters, glass artists, sculptors, photographers, poets, and other artists used the decommissioned firearms to make works of art. Each artist used the guns in their medium to express a thought, make a statement, open a discussion and stimulate thinking about guns in our culture.

Guns in the Hands of Artists
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