Friends of the Humanities Lunch and Learn

April 05, 201912:00—1:30pm

Join the Friends of Humanities in their Lunch and Learn Series. The subject of this discussion will be Death Row. Spearker Paul Hebert is a local attorney, and served as the court appointed special master to preside over litigation concerning the conditions at Death Row. Speaker Thomas Guilbeau is an accomplished criminal lawyer who has handled numerous capital cases, and has witnessed the execution of one of his clients by lethal injection. He will speak about the application of the death penalty and where Louisiana stands today on the death sentence. Speaker Jim Lambert is a local attorney who has been involved with Kairos Prison Ministry for one year on Death Row. He has been meeting with 10 inmates during this time on a spiritual basis, and will share his observations about he program, and the inmates he has met.

Note – this event is not a debate or discussion of the morality or legality of the death penalty, but rather an opportunity to provide information and insight to those present. 

Friends of the Humanities Lunch and Learn
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